【Official】gran terrace Le Lien Hakone

fusion of mind and nature

"gran terrace Le Lien Hakone" is a hotel with 8 rooms.
While feeling the atmosphere that can only be felt here,
People who visit Le Lien by "connection"
Please enjoy such a place where you can gather across borders.
Enjoy the sea, the mountains, the free-flowing hot springs, and the superb view of the four seasons.
Please enjoy the luxurious way of spending time in the nature of "doing nothing".

Introduced in the electronic travel magazine "Tabiiro"

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Inside this facility/facilities

  • Gran Terrace

    A pleasant breeze blows through,
    Gran Terrace of "gran terrace Le Lien Hakone".

    The morning sun rising from the sea of Sagami Bay,
    (The sky from 30 minutes before sunrise turns from black to ultramarine, orange and blue.
    The scenery dyed in gradation is a spectacular view.
    The rooms and hot springs are all facing the same way, so please enjoy each situation.)
    You can see the sky dyed at dusk, the beautiful starry sky at night, the moon, and the meteor shower.

    You can also enjoy breakfast and BBQ on sunny days.
  • entrance

    *Check-in time request*

    We are currently taking a lot of time to clean and disinfect Corona Pandemic.

    Early check-in before 15:00
    as well as
    Entry is strictly prohibited.

    In addition, since this facility is a small hotel, all the work is done by all the staff without outsourcing cleaning.
    It is also necessary for the staff who are working hard from early in the morning to take a meal and a break.
    We do not believe that people who do not care about their colleagues can provide excellent hospitality to customers.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Late check-in after 21:00(500 yen for every 15 minutes per person)
    This is not provided by our hotel.
    It is paid as late-night overtime for the staff in charge.
    There is no tipping system in Japan. The hard work of the staff should be properly evaluated.
    Please understand.
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Hotel Name

gran terrace Le Lien Hakone


1322-36 Gora, Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo County, Kanagawa Prefecture

Telephone number



30 minutes by car from Tomei Expressway Gotemba IC
8-minute walk from Hakone Tozan Cable Car Sounzan Station
Right in front of Izu Hakone Bus Sounzankami
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Hakone Carry Service Information

  • Leave your baggage behind and travel around Hakone empty-handed

    It is recommended that you leave your luggage such as suitcases and go sightseeing empty-handed.
    Check-in date"From Hakone-Yumoto Station to the hotel』
    check out date"From the hotel to Hakone-Yumoto Station』
    Click the link for details

    *****Hakone carry service(Baggage carriage)*****
      Get off Hakone Tozan Train"Hakone Yumoto Yumoto" station Inside the station
    ・Opening Hours
      8:30 to 19:00(Reception from Hakone-Yumoto Station to the inn is until 12:30)
    ・Regular holiday
      Open 365 days
      Hakone Tozan Train Hakone Yumoto Station, Hakone Town, Hakone Yumoto District, Kanagawa Prefecture
    ・Free pass special treatment information
      Usage fee 100 yen discount per person

Handling of forgotten items and carry-on garbage

  • Lost property storage period

    If you do not inquire about lost items by the date and time specified by the hotel, we will basically dispose of them.
    After making an inquiry, we will only accept cash on delivery if you wish to send it by mail.

    【After being stored at this facility for one week, it will be discarded.】
    This facility is a small small hotel.Storage space is also limited.
    Please understand.

    【We will immediately dispose of leftover food items.】
    This facility is located deep in the mountains, and the nearest convenience store and post office are about 3 km away.In addition, we are dealing with a small number of staff, so we can not send it immediately.Please allow about a week for the mail to arrive.
    Please understand in order to prevent troubles such as pain and corruption.
  • About unwanted suitcases, Boston bags, etc.

    We do not accept requests for disposal of bags and suitcases that are no longer needed after replacement.

    If it is difficult to take it home with you, you will be asked to pay a garbage disposal fee of 4,500 yen per item, regardless of size.

    In Japan, the disposal fee for oversized garbage is expensive.

    If you leave it in the room without permission, we will charge you for the processing fee.

Payment method at this facility

  • In addition to cash, various credit cards and electronic money can be used.

    QR payment:Not only PayPay and QPay
    We also support auPay, D payment, and Merpay.


If you have any questions, please contact us.