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restaurant Le Lien

commitment to cooking

Based on Italian cuisine, we offer dishes that sublimely incorporate Japanese ingredients and various cooking methods.
Only one kind of Omakase course of the day
●Regarding allergies
We do not accept meals for people with allergies who have serious symptoms or who have been diagnosed with allergies by a doctor.

Since there is a possibility that the corresponding ingredients are used in the kitchen, the ingredients may be present in the air.
We wash and disinfect each time, but we do not have special pots, cutting boards, kitchen knives, etc., and we cannot say that we can completely eliminate microscopic debris.
In the event of anaphylaxis, there is only one road to the foot of the mountain, and if traffic jams occur, it may take more than 2 hours from the arrival of the ambulance to the hospital.
to say that it may be life threatening.
Based on the above, we refuse to serve meals for those who have serious allergic symptoms.
If you have a level of likes and dislikes of self-judgment, and if you are okay with contamination, it is possible to exclude and provide.
●Regarding vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc.
Because it is a small hotel, having a wide variety of ingredients creates a large amount of food loss.
We want to cherish the life of food.
Only for customers who rent the entire building.


***Reservation only***

*The restaurant is currently open for general business and reservations are suspended.

●Additional meals on the day or just before
I cannot accept it.(Impossible after the final order date for ingredients)

As an auberge, this facility puts a lot of effort into cooking, and we believe that we should not easily rely on frozen or retort ingredients.
In addition, we do not over-order or over-stock from the perspective of food loss and initiatives for a sustainable society, as we are entrusted with the life of food.


  • Restaurant

    A restaurant and living room with a wall furnace.
  • Dinner

    Only one course menu prepared by the chef

    The food served at our hotel is grilled over Binchotan charcoal using the rare Spanish charcoal oven "Josper Josper".
    Maximize the power of the material.
    • one day dinner course
      The food at this facility is Official due to the strong request of the chef, and the photos are not uploaded so much on any site.
      I'm sorry that I can't help you imagine.

      Even if the chef himself has been interviewed and taken pictures, there are beautiful pictures such as single focus, but there is not a single one that conveys the thought of cooking.
      3D things cannot be represented in 2D.For the past 10 years, I have refused to interview people about cooking.
      Also, I don't want to be judged by my status.All the evaluations that customers feel with their five senses.
      With that in mind, we do not disclose the chef's background.
      However, this facility has absolute confidence in cooking.Please enjoy.
      • one winter day

        Today's appetizer platter

        burdock choux/Cod Milt with Vegetable Sauce/homemade duck ham


        Charcoal-grilled Hakone Seiroku Vegetables Gargouille

        Seafood Dish

        Grilled amberjack Lobster with Americane sauce

        Meat Dish

        From Gunma Prefecture black cattle with wasabi and smoked salt...


        Crab and pecorino romano fettuccine


        Rare chocolate terrine with fragrant cloves


        coffee or tea
        16500 yen(Price including consumption tax: 18,150 yen)
    • booking
      This facility was sold only on booking for two years after opening.
      We appreciate your feedback regarding the food.
      If you are worried about adding meals, please refer to it.
  • anniversary celebration

    • anniversary celebration
      For celebration trips such as birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, and restaurant weddings
      Add the chef's handmade cake.

      No meals, breakfast only plan【From 3000 yen size according to your budget】
      For plan with dinner【Upgrade dessert for an additional 500 yen per person】
      We will accept it at.

      Leave it in your room when you arrive.I want to surprise you!
      I would like the text of the message to be ●●.
      If you have any requests, please consult the chef.

      Reservations can be made at least 2 days in advance.
      *For customers such as charters with a size of 15 or more people.Reservation required 1 week in advance.
      • anniversary cake

        *here is the point*

        The fresh cream of cake shops usually uses a mixture of animal and plant ingredients called a compound.(If it is animal-based, the fresh cream will sag easily and the shape will not be stable.) This facility uses 100% animal-based cream.Please enjoy the richness and melting in the mouth that can only be served at a restaurant.
        From 3,300 yen (including consumption tax)
    • mini champagne tower
      How about a champagne tower for memories?

      I want to liven it up with a cake and a set.
      I want to take a picture that stands out as a souvenir.etc.

      Available from 2 people.
      Give wine that you can't finish drinking to other customers
      Some people are blessed by everyone.

      Please choose sparkling wine from the menu.
       "Wine is actual cost" We will charge the price described in the menu.

      *Restaurant dining only.It cannot be provided after business hours or in the room.
      * Non-alcoholic sparkling wine for those who are not good at alcohol and children
         Ginger ale is also possible.
      *A corkage fee of 2200 yen will be charged for bringing in champagne.
      1100 yen(Consumption tax included)
    • Champagne tower price example

      Example) 2 people
      Pinot Chardonnay Spumante (half bottle) 2,970 yen
      Mini champagne tower with 10 glasses 1,100 yen
      Total ¥4,070

      Example) 4 people(Non-alcoholic because there are children)
      3 bottles of ginger ale
      (Served in an empty champagne bottle) 440✖️3 1,320 yen
      Mini champagne tower with 10 glasses     1,100 JPY
      Total 2,420 yen

  • Breakfast

    When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the view of Hakone Daimonji and Sagami Bay from our "Gran Terrace".
    • breakfast mini course
      fruit or vegetable juice
      2 types of bread
      sausage bacon
      side dish
      coffee or tea
      • breakfast mini course

        3300 yen(Price including consumption tax: 3630 yen)
  • BBQ

    We sell plan only for the summer season.
     May to September(Start from 16:00 to 19:00)

    Even in winter if requested.
    There was a person who was on a snow day.Burn 5 stoves.

    *Advance reservation required
    A fuel fee (500 yen per person) will be charged separately for use in winter.

    4400 yen for equipment rental only with ingredients brought in(Consumption tax included per 4 people)
    Bringing in ingredients and charcoal Equipment rental only is 2200 yen(Consumption tax included per 4 people)